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Most Wiring, 2, Switch Images - I virtually complicated it similarly and used the 3rd traveler and earth to extend from a separate three manner circuit giving me the potential to exchange the downstairs (hallway) mild off from upstairs. Previously it became simply the upstairs (landing light) that was switched from each up and down. Hello all, new to smartthings, but now not new to electric paintings. Question is this…if i have a 3-way circuit with two (currently dumb) switches, once i make the circuit “smart” do i must replace both switches with a smartthings well matched transfer or just one among them? Thanks in advance.

Hi all, new to smartthings, however now not new to electrical paintings. Query is that this…if i've a three-way circuit with (currently dumb) switches, once i make the circuit “smart” do i ought to update each switches with a smartthings well suited transfer or simply one among them? Thank you earlier. Brief solution is you need to update each. The “aux” or add-on smart switches speak nation modifications to the master transfer, wherein a standard three-way circuit uses separate switches to bodily open or close the circuit. They're also wired otherwise. Jd’s publish above offers plenty more detail.

There's one and only one model of the aeon labs micro that may handle a 4 manner, and also you do it by way of having two bodily traveler wires from the micro, every to one dumb transfer, and then having the third dumb transfer stressed out to each of the two other dumb switches to complete the circuit. You stated that the auxiliary transfer to your installation is a short-term switch. Did you've got that switch there before you introduced the fibaro? In the us, non permanent switches are very uncommon for lights until it is part of a home automation gadget. In case you are using the ge/jasco switches, each transfer in an n-manner setup needs to be specifically designed to communicate with the grasp, which means that one grasp controlling the weight to the light fixture and as @jhamstead mentioned, one add on transfer of a matching model for every of the alternative switch positions.