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19 Perfect What Is, Red Electrical Wire, On A Ceiling Fan Galleries

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Perfect What Is, Red Electrical Wire, On A Ceiling Fan Galleries - As for the green grounding cord, in reality connect it to the green grounding cord inside the ceiling. You must use an correctly sized ring or fork terminal, to connect the floor under the same screw because the ground from the ceiling.

Now join the white lead of the fan to the 2 linked white wires (those are impartial). Connect the bare copper to the green w/ yellow stripe. At this factor the fan would work but do not try it without the blades connected (may want to harm the fan motor) and don't placed them on but because you continue to have greater wires to attach for the outdoor fan and the blades would be in the manner.

Good enough the wires within the switch container are all hot or switched hot (plus the naked gnd). The white twine in this box goes to each switches (can see however suppose so) and so is the always hot. (So do not suppose it's miles a impartial; there may be no neutral in the switch box.) The black and the pink are switched hots for the fan and light.

Assuming your new fan has a pull chain control and your property wiring is stressed conventionally, and you want the equal feature as before, your assessment of connections is correct. The fan's green ground connects to the inexperienced cord at the outlet that is bonded to the hanger plate. Use a crimp-on ring connector and connect the fan to the bonding screw of the plate.

The striped green is ground for the fan/light and must be connected to the naked copper floor. The green from the field need to also be a floor to the container and it's far to be linked to the bare copper floor. The alternative two white wires (joined) are neutrals (one from the feed and one to the alternative fan) and these two wires are to be connected to the white lead (common neutral) of the fan/mild. If you want you could placed the blades on and check the indoor fan, then take off one blade to present your self room to make the similarly connections. However at this point i suppose there are most effective two wires not not related the purple and a black going to the out of doors fan. Join these wires to take switch hot to the outdoor fan.