what gauge speaker wire for 700 watt amp HERTZ, 700, AUDIO STEREO 4 GAUGE, 4AWG PROFESSIONAL AMPLIFIER, KIT 8018823087353, eBay 19 Creative What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Pictures

19 Creative What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Pictures

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Creative What Gauge Speaker Wire, 700 Watt Amp Pictures - I am currently walking two amps. I have i rockford p300x2 jogging my additives up front and an alpine mrp m350 walking my subs. I currently run a 4 gauge cable about 17 toes. To a distribution block and then run eight gauge strength wires to each amp. I'm thinking about getting a brand new amp for my subs, the jl audio jx500/1, however it shows to want a committed 4gauge electricity wire. Am i able to run a four gauge twine from the distribution block to the amp without changing any of the opposite cables or do i need to now run a 2 gauge from the battery to the distribution block?.

Mark, you could go away your 4-gauge predominant electricity, from battery to distribution block, as is, while you improve the amp as planned. You are accurate that the quick run from that amp to the distribution block ought to be upgraded to four-gauge cord.

Innes, even though it seems like you could improve your amps' overall performance by means of up grading to 1/zero-gauge electricity wiring, i don't think your hassle has some thing in any respect to do with your strength cables. What you describe can occur whilst the enter indicators you're seeking to integrate for your sub amp's rca connections are one hundred eighty-tiers out of segment with each other, including collectively destructively, ensuing in no sign. In different words, one pair of the high-degree leads of your audiobank excessive to low converter for the bass amp has its polarity (nice and poor wires) reversed. Rewiring either one among pairs should solve the trouble.

All strength/ground connections are easy and tight. The amp is grounded to the back of the cab.-Amp is set up to the cab behind the rear seat- simply to feature, with the truck jogging the lighting fixtures will dim. If i turn the engine off and feature the important thing to the acc. Function the mild do no longer dim. Not positive why that would be? I hate to admit this but, the 6 gauge amp wiring is scosche brand from wal-mart. Thank you.