thermostat wiring diagram with c wire boiler, Where do I connect my C wire from my thermostat when 15 Creative Thermostat Wiring Diagram With C Wire Pictures

15 Creative Thermostat Wiring Diagram With C Wire Pictures

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Creative Thermostat Wiring Diagram With C Wire Pictures - I am looking to use an rth8580wf with an ancient singer furnace and a name-unknown a/c unit. There was no c twine coming to the existing thermostat. *Honeywell told me there is no manner to use a separate transformer* with this thermostat, so i followed the instructions in certainly one of their "legitimate" schooling movies on youtube for re-purposing the g wire as a c wire. This works first-class for heating, but whilst we set the thermostat to chill, it "wait"s for several (5?) Minutes, and the instant the relay clicks the thermostat loses electricity then at once powers up again with the "wait" indicator displayed. The device in no way does in reality start cooling. Once i called honeywell once more, they stated that re-purposing the g cord is intended simplest as a brief degree and might not work with all systems; they recommended strolling a separate c wire or the use of certainly one of their cord saver modules.

Thank you for this newsletter! To concur with some other post, for my gadget the transformer had to be related to the rh and c terminals; didn't paintings related to the rc terminal. I have a manipulate-four thermostat best dealing with the warmth connected to a gas boiler.

Awesome academic records. Query - am i able to join 3 honeywell wifi thermostats to at least one transformer? I've 3 zones. If yes, am i able to use the single recommended 40va? I'm also making plans to install a direct stressed out transformer and no longer a plug in. Thank you. Anthony.

I used to be considering powering a clever thermostat (ecobee3) the use of a 24 vac transformer however as i don't have a basement i used to be going to plug it into an unused outlet in my attic.I would consider that is adequate ? It's transient until i have significant air established. I now have an oil boiler that has best 2 wires, red and white.

I accompanied your instructions right here and my thermostat works. Essentially i used to be provided with three solutions with the aid of unique people informed in controls. The primary being your technique. The second approach was almost similar to outlined here on your instructions, except connecting the transformer. Instead of the usage of the rc terminal, i was informed to attach one transformer twine to c and to attach the opposite to the r or rh terminal, doubling it up with the wire already there. The 1/3 solution became to run the transformer wires to c and r, then connect one aspect of a relay to c and the other side to w. The run the 2 wires coming out of the opposite aspect of the relay to r and w going to the furnace. You are fortunate that honeywell gave you help. Once i asked them for assist, the handiest response i obtained become of no help, see beneath: thanks for contacting honeywell. First i would like to make an apology for the delay in responding for your e mail. I will apprehend the problem you are going through in getting your wifi thermostat to be compatible with your system. We aren't skilled in wiring of whatever to do with transformers. The motive for this is if some thing is miswired, most important damage will be performed in your system. What i suggest is contacting a contractor for installation of the transformer. I can provide you a web address in which coming into your zip code will generate a list of honeywell recommended contractors. The link to that website is: in reality, chad honeywell ecc purchaser care.