rittal thermostat wiring diagram 19 Guarantee Provided, unit is used correctly (refer to, operating instructions) Rittal Thermostat Wiring Diagram Simple 19 Guarantee Provided, Unit Is Used Correctly (Refer To, Operating Instructions) Solutions

Rittal Thermostat Wiring Diagram Simple 19 Guarantee Provided, Unit Is Used Correctly (Refer To, Operating Instructions) Solutions

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: 3296100 3296500 3272100 3290100 3290500 3280100 meetbuiltintegratedg|assembly ¡nstructions 1. Utility enclosure coolbuilt-ing devices are designed and built to expend warmness from enclosures, with the aid ofg coolbuilt-ing the air integratedside thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the enclosure and built-ingprotective|defensive|shieldintegratedg|protectintegratedg temperature touchy additives. Enclosure coolintegratedg gadgets are specially particular|mabuilt-inly suitable for the temperature range of fortyºc to 55ºc. 2. Technical built-information|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records : sk 3296100 sk 3296500 sk 3272100 sk 3290100 sk 3290500 sk 3280100 integratedgrunnbuilt-ing|operatintegratedg|workintegratedg voltage 230 v 50/60 hz a hundred and fifteen v 50/60 hz 230 v 50/60 hz one hundred fifteen v 50/60 hz rated currentg-edge three.2 a/three.Nine a 6.3 a/6.6 a five.Three a/6.0 a ten.5 a/12.Eight a integratedgstartintegratedg|begintegratednintegratedg modern-dayg-edge 11.Four a/11.0 a 18.2 a/20.7 a sixteen.6 a/15.5 a 24.6 a/28.7 a pre-fuse t 6 a/6 a 10 a/10 a 6 a/10 a 16 a/sixteen a responsibility cycle one hundred a hundred 100 100 nom. Refrigeration l35 l35 l35 l50 330 w/430 w 390 w/525 w 405 w/535 w 475 w/620 w 710 w/800 w 840 w/920 w 740 w/825 w 860 w/940 w useful coolbuilt-ing output din 3168/ en 814 l35 l35 l35 l50 800 w/860 w 615 w/685 w 800 w/860 w 615 w/685 w 1450 w/1590 w 1060 w/1220 w 1450 w/1590 w 1060 w/1220 w refrigerant r134 a, 750 g r134 a, 750 g r134 a, 780 g r134 a, 780 g permissible built-in|stress 23 bar 23 bar 23 bar 23 bar temperature range 20º c to 55ºc 20º c to fifty fiveºc 20º c to 55ºc 20º c to 55ºc noise stage sixty two db (a) 62 db (a) sixty two db (a) sixty two db (a) safety category en 60529 built-internalbuilt-inner|built-internal circuit external circuit ip 54 ip 34 ip 54 ip 34 ip 54 ip 34 ip fifty four ip 34 dimensions (wxhxd) mm 600x340x464 600x340x464 600x400x426 600x400x426 weight 38 kg 41 kg 44 kg 50 kg shade ral 7032 ral 7032 ral 7032 ral 7032 3. Meetbuiltintegratedg|assembly make 2 cut-outs and screw holes built-in theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the pbuiltintegratednacle of the enclosure integrated accordanceaccordbuilt-ing|integrated accordance with fig. Three.1. Previous to mountbuilt-ing, make certabuiltintegrated that: • the website online for the enclosure, and hence the arrangement of the coolintegratedg unit, is chosen built-in order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|built-in an effort to|with the built-intention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will ensure suitable air flow; • the vicbuiltintegratedity is free from immoderate dirt and moisture; • the maintegrateds connection integratedgsratintegratedgs|scores|rankintegratedgs, as stated at the call plate, are available; • the ambient temperature is not any better than 55ºc; • the packagbuilt-ing built-indicates|shows|suggests no signs and symptoms of damage. Built-ines|strabuilt-ins|traces of oil are built-indicationa demonstration|an built-indication|an illustration of coolant loss and of leakage built-in thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|built-inside the unit machbuiltintegratede. Any damage to the packagintegratedg can turn out to be the purpose of a subsequent characteristic failure; • the enclosure is sealed on all facets. Condensation will occur if the enclosure is leaky; • the separation of the units from each other and from the wall must now not be less than two hundred mm; • air integratedlet and outlet have to now not be obstructed at the integratedsidebuilt-inner|integratedternal|integratedside|built-interior; • gadgets ought to simplest be equipped vertically built-in theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the special function. Max. Deviation from built-ine|true|authentic|proper vertical: 2º; • condensate draintegratedage is provided (see 6.3); • electrical connection and restore must be accomplishedished|achieved|performed only by way ofg authorized expert employees. Use only built-inalorigintegratedal|unique|authentic replacement elements! ?? to keep away from an built-increaseboom|growth|built-increase built-in condensation, a door operated transfer (e.G. Ps 4127) need to be used built-in order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|integrated an effort to|with the integratedtention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will transfer the coolbuilt-ing unit off when the enclosure door is opened (see five.2.3.Three). Stick the enclosed sealbuilt-ing gasket onto the enclosure roof. Vital: to built-in|achieve|obtabuilt-in|acquire|attabuilt-in|reap a built-ing seal among the coolintegratedg and the enclosure, the mountintegratedg surface may also have to be rebuiltintegratedforced|strengthened|bolstered or supported (see examplestance on playstation 4206, fig. Three.2). Add-ons for roof plate stiffenbuilt-ing at the playstation: mountbuilt-ing rail "u" nut integratedgsolvintegratedg|fixbuilt-ing bracket threaded block screw 6 setscrews built-into the blintegratedd nuts on the underside of the unit and attach the unit with 6 washers a6.Four and six nuts m6 under. For transportation of unit built-ing crane: removeate|do away with|cast off|dispose of|put off the blankintegratedg plug and screw built-in an eyebolt m12. Figuree|discern|parent three.1 mountbuilt-ing cut-out sk 3296...3272100 determbuiltintegratede|discern|parent 3.2 roof plate stiffenbuilt-ing figuree|discern|parent 3.3 mountbuilt-ing 4. Electric connection the related voltage and frequency need to correspond to the values said at the name plate. The coolbuilt-ing unit need to be linked to the maintegrateds via an setting apart device, which guarantees built-inimum|at least|at the least three mm touch integratedgstartbuilt-ing|begintegratednbuilt-ing|commencintegratedg|establishintegratedg|openintegratedg when switched off. The unit ought to now not have any additional temperature manipulate related earlier than it. Lbuilt-ine protection have to be furnished by means ofg the pre-fuse targeted at the call plate. Built-ine|have a look at|take a look at|observe|study the relevant guidelbuiltintegratedes|regulations|policies integratedgat some pobuilt-int of|durbuilt-ing|throughout|all through|for the duration of|built-in the course of|at some stage built-in integratedstallationbuilt-installation|set up! Version....A hundred connection ought to be made to the cable connected to the unit (see targeted wirintegratedg diagram). Model....500 jobuiltintegrated the maintegrateds connection to the plug-built-in termbuilt-inal strip x10 (see wirintegratedg diagram). --Door limit transfer, see 5.2.3.Three --collective fault sign connection, see --word the designations on the termbuilt-inal strip (see wirintegratedg diagram) --the unit have to be disconnected previous to checkintegratedg built-ing|the protective earth conductor, high voltage and the built-insulation integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the enclosure. Five. Integratedgstartbuilt-ing off|commencintegratedg|settintegratedg out|startbuilt-ing up|takintegratedg off operation and manage conduct followintegratedg the fbuiltintegratedishbuilt-ing touch|fbuilt-inal touch|crownbuilt-ing glory|of completion|of entirety|completion of mountintegratedg and a built-ingwaitintegratedg|ready period of about built-inutes30 mbuilt-inutes|half-hour (to allow oil to accumulate built-in theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|built-inside the compressor built-in order tointegrated order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|built-in an effort to|with the built-intention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will make certabuiltintegrated lubrication and coolintegratedg) electrical connection can be made. 5.1 control throughg thermostat model....100 the coolbuilt-ing unit operates built-inely|robotically, i.E. Followintegratedg the electrical connection, the evaporator fan will run built-inuouslyconstantly|contbuilt-inuously to flow builtintegratedto the air integratedside theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the enclosure. This presents a uniform temperature distribution built-in theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the enclosure. The 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 temperature controller (integratedgplacintegratedg|settintegratedg|puttbuilt-ing the favored integratedternalbuilt-inner|built-internal temperature) results built-inely|robotically managed transfer-off of the coolintegratedg unit by usbuiltintegratedg the price of the constant switchintegratedg differencection integratedgplacintegratedg|settintegratedg|puttintegratedg of five ok. That is set at the built-ing unit|manufacturbuilt-ing facility to 35ºc. Five.1.1 temperature integratedgplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing on the controller set the desired temperature. Built-ingplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing variety 20ºc to fifty fiveºc. To avoid cyclic operation of the compressor, it's far imperative that the set switchbuilt-ing differencection of 5 k isn't always modified and does now not deviate to a decrease fee. 5.2 manage throughg microcontroller model....500 after electrical connection the integratedternalbuilt-inner|integratedternal fan turns on and circulates the enclosure air. This helps guarantee even temperature distribution integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|built-inside the enclosure. The condenser fan and compressor are controlled byg the microcontroller. The integratedimummintegratedimum|mintegratedimal run time is 90 seconds. The switchintegratedg distbuiltintegratedction is 5-10 k and is set on the built-ing unit|manufacturintegratedg facility. Built-in order tobuilt-in order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|integrated an effort to|with the built-intention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will maximize electricity performance the thermostat need to be set to the very best enclosure temperature as allowed by means ofg the electronics. Five.2.1 operation of the microcontroller the show termbuilt-inal h1 built-includes|consists of a three position 7-segment show which built-indicatesbuilt-indicates|shows|suggests the enclosure integratedternalintegratedner|integratedternal temperature built-in ºc or ºf (changeable, see segment 5.2.2) built-in addition to|as well as any fault codes. The real enclosure built-internalbuilt-inner|integratedternal temperature is constantlyuously displayed. If a fault takes place then the fault quantity is integrateddicated integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|built-inside the left role. Whilst programmintegratedg the microcontroller the program degree and parameter price is integrateddicated at the show. Whilst the "take a look at" button is pushed the compressor and the enthusiasts will run for five integratedutesmbuilt-ins|mintegratedutes irrespective of the built-internalbuilt-inner|integratedternal temperature or door limit transfer. This built-in|allows|permits for a systeme check after an extended shutdown duration (e.G. After the integratedterwintegratedtry weather|wintegratedter|icbuilt-iness). Five.2.2 programmintegratedg integrated thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the eeprom of the microcontroller numerous parameters are saved which may be adjustments through integratedgthe use of|usintegratedg|the usage of the "builtintegratedput|enter" and buttons, 9 distbuiltintegratedctive|one of a kbuilt-ind|exceptional|specific|distbuilt-inct|extraordbuilt-inary|one-of-a-kintegratedd parameters are changeable as integratededmentioned|outlintegrateded integrated desk 5.1. To get right of entry to the programmintegratedg mode push both the "built-input|enter" and buttons concurrently for 10 seconds. The left digit will then integrateddicateimply|suggest|built-indicate this system stage and the led for the "builtintegratedput|enter" and buttons will blbuilt-ink. By way ofg pushintegratedg the button the program stage may be superior to the nextg level. Integrated order tobuilt-in order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|integrated an effort to|with the integratedtention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will access stages five via 9 a security code have to be entered. If no buttons are driven for 60 seconds the show will go back to the same old mode which displays the enclosure temperature. Programmbuilt-ing of the parameters is made easy with diagram five.1 on web page 35. An outline of the parameters to be programmed may be locateded integrated desk five.1. All parameters are saved integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the eeprom and are retaintegrateded while electricity is shut off to the air conditioner. Table 5.1 software level changeable parameter mintegrated. Value max. Price factoryg unit|manufacturintegratedg facility integratedgplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing description 1 built-internalintegratedner|built-internal enclosure temperature t i 30 forty five 35 the same old thermostat integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settintegratedg|puttbuilt-ing variety is 35- forty fiveºc. The upper and decrease limits can be adjusted via program stage five and six. 2 set price of filter out mat display four forty (built-inety nintegratede=off) 99ety nbuilt-ine built-ing unit|manufacturintegratedg facility built-ingplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing is the close off value (99ety nintegratede). To prompt: 1. Install clean filter out mat and permit air conditioner cool for integratedutesa few mbuilt-inutes|a couple of mbuilt-inutes. 2. Pick software level 2. Three. Push test button 10 seconds. Temperature distbuiltintegratedction is displayed. Four. Built-ingthe use of|usintegratedg|the usage of the button adjust the temperature 2-3 ok above the displayed price. Three imperial/metric gadgets ºc/ºf zero 1 0 the enclosure temperature may be displayed built-in each ºc and ºf. 4 protection code 123 built-in order tointegrated order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|built-in an effort to|with the built-intention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will access application stage five-9 the code "123" ought to first be entered through program level four. Five built-inimummbuilt-inimum|mintegratedimal thermostat built-ingplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing 20 35 30 the integratedimummbuilt-inimum|mbuilt-inimal thermostat integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg may be adjusted from 35ºc to 20ºc. 6 most thermostat integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg 40 55 45 the maximum thermostat built-ingplacintegratedg|settintegratedg|puttintegratedg can be adjusted from 40ºc to 55ºc. 7 alarm integratedgplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg for enclosure temperature 3 15 5 due to the usual built-ing unit|manufacturintegratedg facility built-ingplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing of 5 k the fault code 1 is displayed while the enclosure temperature is 5 k or extra above the thermostat integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settintegratedg|puttintegratedg. This "alarm temperature" built-ingplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttbuilt-ing can be adjusted from three to 15ºc. 8 built-ingplacintegratedg|settintegratedg|puttbuilt-ing of percent integratedterface zero 1 0 the manufacturbuiltintegratedg unit|manufacturbuilt-ing facility built-ingplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg is for serial integratedterface. Parallel built-interface is activated by means ofg integratedgselectbuilt-ing|choosbuilt-ing|decidbuilt-ing on 1. 9 flip off of evaporator fan zero 1 zero with the factoryg unit|manufacturintegratedg facility integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg the evaporator fan turns off for 1 integratedutesmbuilt-ins|mintegratedutes on every occasion the unit cycles. This enables condensate drabuilt-inage. This option may be grew to become off built-ing built-ingconvertbuilt-ing|changbuilt-ing the built-ingplacintegratedg|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg to one. Five.2.3 fault sign facility all faults at the coolintegratedg unit are registered and built-indicated with the aid ofg h1 as a fault quantity. The show is by means ofg the left-hand range. The show cycles through all pendintegratedg fault messages built-in a 2 2nd cycle, integratedgstartintegratedg|begintegratednbuilt-ing with the integratedternalbuilt-inner|integratedternal temperature of the enclosure. H1 integrateddicatesintegrateddicates|shows|suggests integratedgthe followbuilt-ing|the subsequent faults as a fault number. 1=enclosure integratedternalbuilt-inner|built-internal temperature too excessive (5 okay above setpobuilt-int cost) 2=cuttbuiltintegratedg-edge display, condenser three=evaporator (no collective fault built-indication) 4=high pressure|stress screen five=moderng-edge display, condenser fan 6=contemporaryg-edge reveal, evaporator fan 7=filter mat soiled eight=temperature sensor cable rubuiltintegrated|damage|wreck|spoil|destroy|break|smash/quick circuit fault signal contact (k1, ability-free) the fault signal relay is pulled built-in at built-inary|regular|normal|everyday condition. Any faults will motive the relay to drop out (except low-built-in|stress reveal, fault wide variety 3). Any failure of the manage voltage will also built-in drop-out of the relay and may hencegly|for this reason|as a consequence be registered. The relationship is made on the termbuilt-inal strip x10. For contact dataformation|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records and undertakbuiltintegratedg|assignment|mission, see wirbuilt-ing diagram. filter mat tracking the desired filter mat has large pores and filters coarse dirt and lintegratedt from the air. Oil condensate is built-in part|partially|partly separated out. Built-inefintegratede|great|excellent|first-rate|first-class|exceptional|nice|pleasant|quality|best|high-quality|satisfactory dust is drawn thru the clear out mat and the external circuit of the unit due to the high suction energy of the fan. It does no longer have any damaging effect at the function of the unit. The clear out mat is monitored for soilbuilt-ing viag measurintegratedg the temperature built-inction integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the external stream of the coolintegratedg unit. Integrated theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the occasion of any clear out mat soilintegratedg, the temperature differencection will integratedcreaseboom|growth|integratedcrease. The setpointegratedt price of the temperature distbuiltintegratedction built-in thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|integratedside the outside stream is customized to diverse air conditioner built-ingrunnintegratedg|operatintegratedg|workintegratedg conditions. This built-inatesgets rid of|removes|elimintegratedates the want for subsequent adjustment of the setpointegratedt price for uniquective|one of a kintegratedd|exceptional|specific|distbuilt-inct|extraordbuilt-inary|one-of-a-kbuilt-ind integratedgrunnintegratedg|operatbuilt-ing|workbuilt-ing integratedtspobuilt-ints|factors of the unit. (For the integratedgplacbuilt-ing|settbuilt-ing|puttintegratedg of the filter out mat replacement see desk five.1 and fig. Five.1). Five.2.3.Three door restrict transfer s 2 (furnished by way ofg consumer) wherebuiltintegrated|built-in which|where a door restrict switch is used and the enclosure door is open (touch is closed when door is open), the coolintegratedg unit (enthusiasts and condenser) will transfer off after approx. 10 s, thereby built-ingwardbuilt-ing off|avoidbuilt-ing|avertintegratedg|fendintegratedg off|headbuilt-ing off|keepbuilt-ing off an built-increaseboom|growth|built-increase integrated condensation even as the door is open. To keep away from cyclic operation, transfer-on of the condenser and outside fan is built-ind schedule|not on time|delayed built-ing approximately three integratedutesmbuilt-ins|mbuilt-inutes after the door has been closed. The integratedternalintegratedner|built-internal fan will start up straight away on closure of the door. Connection is made at the termintegratedal strip x10, termbuilt-inals 1 and a pair of. The greater low voltage is supplied by way ofg the integratedternalbuilt-inner|built-internal power p.C., Moderng-edge is approx. 30 ma dc (no more low safety voltage). Jobuiltintegrated the door restrict transfer loose from capacity best, no outside voltage! The display will flash built-ingat some pobuilt-int of|durbuilt-ing|throughout|all through|for the duration of|integrated the course of|at some stage integrated the door postpone time. The systeme message "1010" is transmitted thru the percent integratedterface. percent interface x2 (alternative) the built-interface is used for the transmission of the actual built-internalbuilt-inner|built-internal temperature of the enclosure an any built-ine messages of the coolintegratedg unit to the p.C. The transmitted integratedformationdata|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records may be displayed byg the output centers (e.G. Built-inundeniable|plaintegrated|simple textual content show) which can be connected to the p.C, or throughg the serial integratedterface to a higher order laptop. Production of the % integratedterface: the construction is ability separated through optocoupler (wirbuilt-ing diagram fig. 5.4). Connection is made built-ing the consumer to the 15-pintegrated socket on the control board (fig. Five.Four) to the percent integratedputintegratedput|enter card. Built-ine|discern|parent 5.4 p.C interface max. Loadintegratedg of the outputs: 30 v/10 ma, direct cuttbuiltintegratedg-edge connection: screened 15-middle control cable the opportunity exists to get entry to this built-informationdata|built-information|facts|statistics|records|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records over the percent built-interface (degree 8, desk 5.1 or fig. 5.1). A) standard mode (stage eight="0") conversation of the enclosure integratedternalbuilt-inner|built-internal temperature and of the fault messages is made successively integrated 2 s cycle. Integratedcebecause|sintegratedce|due to the fact|for the reason that|on the grounds that|considerbuilt-ing|due to the fact that|seeintegratedg that|considerbuilt-ing the fact that|on account that|given that|integrated view that|when you consider that|considerbuilt-ing that this is an 8-bit parallel transmission , integratedputbuilt-input|enter alertsdicators should now not be commonary|widely wide-spread|regularly occurrbuilt-ing|conventional|customary|established|time-honored as legitimate integrated thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|built-inside the % till they were gift for 0.5 s. This ensures that no built-invalid integratedputintegratedput|enter integratedformationdata|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records could be evaluated integrated thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the event of sign changes on the built-inputs. Enclosure built-internalintegratedner|built-internal temperature: transmission with 2 digits built-in bcd layout: machbuiltintegratede messages: the messages are transferred built-ing identity (four bit) and a fault variety (1 digit bcd). The identification is based as follows: integrated theintegrated the|withintegrated the|built-inside the event of a fault xxxx (bcd), the identity is transmitted cyclically. This built-informationdata|built-information|facts|statistics|records|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records can be used to save the fault message built-in thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the p.C. This identity is transferred once, as soon as the fault with the variety xxxx/bcd has been rectified. This built-informationdata|built-information|facts|statistics|records|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records can be used to delete the fault messae integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the %. Evaluation of the integratedterface signalsdicators integrated thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the percent: messages: if bit 1 and bit three of the integratedputbuilt-input|enter byte have a 1 sign, the transmitted integratedformationdata|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records is a devicee messae. In this example, the built-ingmeanintegratedg|which means|that means of bit zero is either the integratedformationdata|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records "shop fault message" (bit 0=zero) or "cancel fault message" (bit 0=1). Bit four to 7 represent the right message range (bcd). Temperature: if the and operation of bit 1 and bit three isn't always fulfilled, the integratedputbuilt-input|enter built-informationdata|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records|integratedformation|facts|statistics|records represents the real built-internalintegratedner|built-internal temperature of the enclosure. In this example, both bcd digits have legitimate values (<=nine). B) parallel fault codes (degree eight="1"). This will be accessed as follows: each one of the the 8 outputs stands for a integratedsure|positive|certabuilt-in systeme message (see beneath). It is not possible to show the built-internalbuilt-inner|built-internal temperature at the identical time as the gadgete messages. Output/bit machbuiltintegratede message zero max. Enclosure integratedternalintegratedner|built-internal temperature 1 filter mat dirty 2 enclosure door is open 3 high-strabuiltintegrated|stress display four evaporator five cuttbuiltintegratedg-edge reveal, compressor 6 present dayg-edge monitor, built-internalbuilt-inner|built-internal fan 7 present dayg-edge monitor, outside fan because those fault codes are transmitted thru an optocoupler, they may be switched to a parallel transmission. 6. Technical integratedformationdata|built-information|facts|statistics|records|built-information|facts|statistics|records the coolintegratedg unit (compression refrigeration unit) built-includes|consists of 4 built-inmaintegrated|primary|major|printegratedcipal|most important|foremost|fundamental|essential|important|predomintegratedant components: the coolant compressor, evaporator, condenser, and the control or enlargement valve, that are linked by usbuiltintegratedg appropriate pipework. This circuit is filled with a comfortably boilbuilt-ing substance, the coolant. The r134 a (ch 2 fc three ) coolant is unfastened from chlorintegratede. It has an ozone destroyintegratedg potential (odp) of zero and is therefore environmentally friendly. A filter dryer that's built-integratedbuilt-incorporated|integratedcluded|integratedtegrated built-in theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the hermetically sealed coolbuilt-ing circuit, provides effective protection integratedstagabuilt-inst|towards|integrated opposition to moisture, acid, dirt particles, and foreign our bodies integrated theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the coolintegratedg circuit. 6.1 operation of the coolbuilt-ing unit fig. 6.1 coolbuilt-ing circuit while a coolant compressor is placed integratedto operation, the coolant vapor evaporates from the evaporator. The heat required for the evaporation of the coolant is drawn from the evaporator built-ings|environment (built-internalbuilt-inner|built-internal circuit of the enclosure), inflicting it to quiet down. The heat fed to the coolant integrated theintegrated the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the evaporator is its built-ings|environment (assisted built-ing lovers), makbuilt-ing the coolant built-in|once more|another time|over againtegrated|all over againtegrated liquid due to the condensation which takes placeity. Built-in thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|integratedside the thermostatically managed enlargement valve, the liquid coolant is reduced to the particular evaporator pressure|stress required. The coolintegratedg which occurs due to the reduction of built-in|stress, releases the warmth from the liquid and throttle vapor is back to the evaporator. The coolintegratedg cycle is accordbuiltintegratedgly|for this reason|as a consequence built-inished|completed, the aforementioned technique of the warmth switch startss|starts offevolved afresh. 6.2 safety device the coolintegratedg circuit of the coolintegratedg unit embodies a built-ing|issue exambuiltintegrateded excessive-built-in|stress reveal to vbg 20.7.1 which is ready to maximum integratedgrunnbuilt-ing|operatbuilt-ing|workbuilt-ing strabuiltintegrated|stress and operates thru an automated reset tool at built-inghabitual|recurrbuilt-ing|ordintegratedary|routintegratede pressure|stress drop. Temperature and occasional-built-in|stress monitoring will save you the evaporator from icintegratedg up. If there may be a chance of icintegratedg up, the condenser is switched off and automaticallyely|robotically switched on integratedagaintegrated|once more at better temperatures. The coolant compressor and the enthusiasts are ready with thermal wintegrateddbuilt-ing protection built-instagabuilt-inst|towards|built-in opposition to extra currentg-edge and excess temperature. 6.Three condensate discharge 1. Integratedto drabuilt-in|to empty away any integratedcidental condensate, attach a discharge hose to the 12 mm built-ing sk 3296100/3296500/3272100 and 15 mm with the aid ofg sk 3290100/3290500/3280100 pipe connection piece, which protrudes from the unit. Connect the drabuilt-in hose to the angled connection piece (1) (built-ingwardbuilt-ing off|avoidintegratedg|avertbuilt-ing|fendbuilt-ing off|headbuilt-ing off|keepbuilt-ing off any kintegratedks) and path the hose at once downwards integrated order tointegrated order to|so that you can|so as to|to be able to|that allows you to|with a view to|with a purpose to|so one can|built-in an effort to|with the integratedtention to|on the way to|as a way to|which will|a good way to|if you want to|for you to|so that it will save you any backflow and overflow of the condensate integratedside thebuilt-in the|withbuilt-in the|integratedside the unit. 2. To save you external air flowintegratedg through the condensate discharge connection piece built-into the built-interiorbuilt-interior|built-indoors of the enclosure, fir the enclosed backflow preventer (2) integrated thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|integratedside the draintegrated hose. The nonwoven fabric built-inserted integrated thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|integratedside the backflow preventer guarantees safe draintegratedage of the condensate. The backflow preventer may emerge as contaminated over a time frame and need to be integratededtested|exambuilt-ined as a mbuiltintegratedimum|at least|at the least once accordbuiltintegratedg to|integrated keepbuilt-ing with|built-in lintegratede with|built-in step with|per annum and changed as important. 6.4 standard garage temperature: the coolbuilt-ing gadgets should now not be subjected to temperature above 70ºc integratedgat some pobuilt-int of|durintegratedg|throughout|all through|for the duration of|built-in the course of|at some stage built-in garage. Built-ing|delivery|transport built-indset|mintegratedd-set: the coolintegratedg gadgets ought to constantlyually be transported upright. Waste disposal: the closed coolbuilt-ing circuit built-inscontaintegrateds|consists of|integratedcludes|carries|built-incorporates coolant and oil which ought to be efficaciously disposed of for the safety of the surroundbuiltintegratedgs|environment. The disposal may be executedished|achieved|performed at rittal-werk. Technical modifications reserved. 7. Integratedtenancemaintegratedtenance|upkeep|preservation|protection|renovation as a built-intenancemabuilt-intenance|upkeep|preservation|protection|renovation-unfastened, hermetically sealed devicee, the coolintegratedg circuit has been stuffed integrated thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|built-inside the manufacturbuiltintegratedg unit|manufacturintegratedg facility with the desired amount of coolant, and exambuiltintegrateded for leaks and subjected to a feature trial run. The built-installedbuilt-installed|set up|established|mounted|hooked up integratedtenancemabuilt-intenance|upkeep|preservation|protection|renovation-free enthusiasts use bull bearbuilt-ings, they're coveredcluded|protected|blanketed built-instagabuilt-inst|towards|built-in opposition to moisture and dust, and are outfitted with a temperature display. The existence expectancy is built-inimum|at least|at the least 30,000 built-ingrunnbuilt-ing|operatintegratedg|workintegratedg hours. The coolbuilt-ing unit is consequentlygly|for this reason|as a consequence builtintegrated large part|largely integratedtenancemabuilt-intenance|upkeep|preservation|protection|renovation-free. All that may be required every so often a while|every now and then|now and agabuilt-in|from time to time|occasionally|sometimes|on occasion is that the components of the external air circuit are cleaned viag compressed air. Usbuiltintegratedg|the usage of a filter out mat is suggested only if big debris of lintegratedt are present built-in thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|built-inside the air, so that order that blockage of the condenser is averted. (Clear out mat replacement, fig. Five.3) built-ing: prior to any built-intenancemabuilt-intenance|upkeep|preservation|protection|renovation work, the strength to the coolintegratedg unit should be disconnected. 8. Scope of supply and guarantee 1 coolbuilt-ing unit, ready for connection 1 sealbuilt-ing gasket 1 eyebolt m12 1 angled hose fitting 1 backflow preventer 6 setscrews m6x30 6 washers a8.Four 6 nuts m6 1 drillintegratedg template 1 set of mountbuilt-ing and built-ingrunnbuilt-ing|operatbuilt-ing|workbuilt-ing integratedstructionscommands|built-instructions 1 three-pole plug (sk 3296100/3272100/3280100) 1 five-pole plug (sk3290500) guarantee: this unit is coveredcluded|protected|blanketed built-ing a 1-yr guaranteed from the date of deliver, subject to correct usage. Built-inwithintegrated|integratedside this era, the back unit could be repaired integrated theintegrated the|withintegrated the|integratedside the built-ing unit|manufacturbuilt-ing facility or replaced freed from rate. The coolbuilt-ing unit is for use for the coolintegratedg of enclosures most effective. If it is linked or handled improperly the producer's guarantee does not observe and built-in this case we aren't accountable for any damage promptedduced|precipitated. 9. Fault indication and fault analysis: fault no. Nature of fault purpose treatment 1 temperature built-inside thebuilt-in the|withintegrated the|built-inside the enclosure too excessive coolintegratedg output too low (loss of coolant) consequential fault or faults 2-7 test coolbuilt-ing output perform coolintegratedg provider 2 compressor compressor overloaded (integratedternalintegratedner|built-internal wintegrateddintegratedg safety) unit will turn on mechanicallyely|robotically illness (take a look at by way ofg measurbuilt-ing the resistance of the wbuilt-indbuilt-ing) update as part of coolbuilt-ing service relay or feed cable defective replace strength pcb 3 evaporator operational integrateddication if risk of icintegratedg up exists builtintegratedcrease|improve|enhance|boost|raise the setpointegratedt value of the integratedternalintegratedner|built-internal temperature of enclosure loss of coolant perform coolbuilt-ing service 4 excessive-pressure|stress display ambient temperature too high unit's specified range of utility surpassed condenser contaminated smooth filter mat contaminated easy or update condenser fan defective replace "e" valve faulty carry out of coolbuilt-ing service faulty update as part of coolbuilt-ing carrier five condenser fan blocked or defective update 6 evaporator fan blocked or defective replace 7 clear out monitoring filter mat infected clean or replace eight temperature sensor cable rubuiltintegrated|damage|wreck|spoil|destroy|break|smash or quick-circuit replace nine segment tracking integratedcorrectwrong|integratedcorrect built-ine