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17 Cleaver Ritetemp 8022 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

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Cleaver Ritetemp 8022 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions - D o n o t a l l o w w i r e s t o t o u c h e a c h o t h e r o r p a r t s o n t h e r m o s t a t . W i r e s mu s t b e ro u t e d t h ro u g h t h e h o l e i n t h e b a ck p l a t e , b e l o w t h e t e r m i n a l b l o ck , o r t h e y w i l l h i t p a r t s o n t h e c ov e r.

To locate the power mode jumpers. Dispose of the manipulate unit from the wall mount, turn it over, and discover the jumper. It is set at the manufacturing unit on mv/c. Change it from mv/c to furn to use series power.

To test cool mode: set the mode transfer to chill. Press the temp down button to a temp five tiers under the room temperature. Allow the system five mins to reply. Verify that cool air is blowing from the gadget.

Strip insulation 3/eight in. (Nine.5mm) from twine ends. Take care not to damage the labels for each cord in coping with. Join categorised wires only to a terminal with corresponding letter. Bend the cord barely, insert the wire under the touch plate and tighten the screw down onto the wire.

If you have an electric furnace device and the blower does now not operate after installation, do away with the thermostat, flip it over, and discover the electrical/fuel heat selector jumper at the again of the control unit. Transfer it to "pick"(see diag beneath).

On alternative installations, mount the new thermostat in vicinity of the vintage one if feasible. On new installations, observe the recommendations indexed below. Find the thermostat on an inner wall, approximately 5 feet. (1.5m) above the ground, and in a room this is used regularly. Do no longer install it where there are uncommon heating conditions, consisting of: in direct daylight; near a lamp, radio, tv, radiator check in, or fireplace; close to hot water pipes in a wall; near a stove on the opposite aspect of a wall.