red electrical wire ceiling junction box electrical -, white,, black,, ground,, red wire in 9 Fantastic Red Electrical Wire Ceiling Junction Box Images

9 Fantastic Red Electrical Wire Ceiling Junction Box Images

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Electrical -, White,, Black,, Ground,, Red Wire In - I'm attempting to finish putting in a receptacle in my ceiling commenced by means of an electrician. All the wiring is ready, however i just want to attach the outlet. The receptacle is among two can lights within the ceiling, the furthest from the transfer would not presently work, however i assume i know why. Right here's what the setup is:.

I count on the precise configuration is to strip the left black and pigtailed white cord and plug those into the receptacle, along side the pigtailed ground twine, and then plug anything i want to into the only lively outlet. I assume the purple twine is hooked up to the proper black twine which will skip it electricity while the transfer is flipped, but not to govern the receptacle, because it need to be on all the time. From checking the wires, the left black wire (the one that hasn't been stripped) is hot all the time when the breaker is on, but the other black twine isn't always (i count on as it needs the pink twine to offer it strength).

From your photograph, it is clean the electrician left you a reachable little gift -- those 0.33 white and naked wires are pre-mounted pigtails. With the strength to the circuit off of course, clearly strip the white pigtail and the unstripped black cord and hook up your receptacle (free black twine to brass screw, white pigtail wire to silver screw, bare pigtail to inexperienced screw).

Usually harassed via the two black and two red. I would want to the fan and lights on unbiased switches, which appears achievable with this set-up, but confused by way of the presence of the two purple wires. I'd probable begin with the aid of getting a non-contact voltage detector (or transient lamps) and spot which wires in the ceiling are warm in various mixtures of switches being thrown. Figure out which one is energized by using the switch you want to throw the maximum, and designate that the lamp circuit. The alternative is the fan. You in all likelihood might not should alternate a factor in the switches.