pontiac sunfire starter wiring diagram diagram 2006 pontiac g6 starter diagram 2003 pontiac sunfire fuel pump wiring diagram 11 Fantastic Pontiac Sunfire Starter Wiring Diagram Images

11 Fantastic Pontiac Sunfire Starter Wiring Diagram Images

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Fantastic Pontiac Sunfire Starter Wiring Diagram Images - Ok. Something's not right,. Both it's stressed incorrect or the starter isn't any suitable. At least, the engine need to have rolled over (even supposing the safety changed into tripped). Let's recheck the wiring: at the "big" stud to the solenoid- pink (battery) and grey in the back of it (alterntor) at the "small" stud (whilst searching face-directly to the solenoid, the one for your right)- purple you are saying you have another wire right here? What colour is it? In which do you have it related?. Took off ignition manipulate module and had all parts examined. Car sector replaced the large plastic housing, happily it become still below warranty. I also replaced the four spark plugs and the boots. Nevertheless didn't start.

I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire that starts offevolved 90 of the time. It's not the battery. I can cross in someplace and come again out like 10 minutes later and it cranks however may not truely start. No longer overheatin. Content material submitted by way of customers isn't always recommended through cargurus, does not express the critiques of cargurus, and have to no longer be taken into consideration reviewed, screened, or authorized via cargurus. Please talk to cargurus phrases of use . Content material could be eliminated if cargurus becomes aware that it violates our rules.

So when i turn the key in the ignition, it would not crank or make any noise indicating that it's miles even seeking to begin. The dash lighting all come on so i recognize i have strength. Very frustrating as i just . Whilst you turn the ignition on, the sprint lighting fixtures do not activate now, but the starter will turn over. Messing with the ignition i observed the dash lighting fixtures got here on some instances and at that time, the auto woul.

Process besides time and again . He has had my vehicle 5 days now. Today he has someone coming with a dishes i wager of the whole electric gadget is it feasible the automobile may in no way begin ?. So when i flip the key within the ignition, it doesn't crank or make any noise indicating that it's miles even seeking to start. The dash lighting fixtures all come on so i understand i've energy. Very irritating as i simply positioned 2300.00 into getting this vehicle safetied. We've already achieved exhaust from motor to rear, all brakes, drums, rotors, o2 sensor, spark plugs and wires. The motive we changed the spark plugs and wires is because it was jogging wealthy, burning plenty of fuel, blowing black smoke, and bucking a bit bit. When we changed those it made no distinction. In truth the car become bucking worse at the trip domestic (i took it out for a power after we modified them) introduced the automobile home parked it and now it may not begin in any respect. This become presupposed to be a 2d automobile for our own family of 6 as my daughter is getting ready to write her g1. I am devastated. I handiest make a totally average income and it appears any extra cash i've i am dumping into this car just to get it as much as true jogging standard. Please a person assist!.