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12 Best Nest 2 Zone Wiring Diagram Solutions

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Best Nest 2 Zone Wiring Diagram Solutions - I believe you need the blue wire (not unusual) to make a circuit entire for wiring the nest. Your photo suggests the blue cord (commonplace) unattached. Without that blue wire, the 24v within the purple cord cannot run the unit. Right?. Long answer. I stay in toronto and it gets cold. The ac compressor is outside like regular and the y cable is connected to a converter it's also attached to the ac unit. And maybe as it's vintage however on cold days the converter does not work and my nest stops operating. Nest isn't always clever enough to replace to the w cable on its very own. That is additionally connected to a converter this is a part of the heating unit thats separate and interior. On cold days the y connection is misplaced and the unit will run on its battery reserves till it dies. I disconnect the y cable from my nest each wintry weather. Takes some seconds.

So my question is: why is the r to y voltage 0? And if that indicates a few sort of trouble within the relay or manage board or transformer or condenser, why does the old thermostat paintings first-rate?. Thanks on your hobby in this query. As it has attracted low-pleasant or unsolicited mail solutions that needed to be removed, posting a solution now calls for 10 popularity in this web site (the association bonus does now not be counted). Might you want to answer this kind of unanswered questions as an alternative?.

I mounted nest thermostat some weeks in the past, replacing an antique lux programmable thermostat (there has been not anything wrong with it). I linked four wires (r,w,y and g) to the nest. However as quickly as i might connect the y cord, the nest could provide me an e4 blunders pronouncing there has been no strength on r. I could most effective use the thermostat with the y disconnected (so most effective heat, no ac). Once i examined the voltages among r and w, i am getting a wholesome 26 volts at the thermostat and on the manipulate board. But on r and y, i get 0 volts. The ac works high-quality with my vintage lux thermostat (i validated by means of re-putting in it), however, i also related the b (blue) and o (beige) wires within the lux thermostat. From what nest tech guide tells me, i do not need to apply b because the nest can grab electricity off of the r.