lambretta light switch wiring diagram Lambretta li three series headset wires revealed Lambretta Light Switch Wiring Diagram Brilliant Lambretta Li Three Series Headset Wires Revealed Ideas

Lambretta Light Switch Wiring Diagram Brilliant Lambretta Li Three Series Headset Wires Revealed Ideas

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Top Lambretta Light Switch Wiring Diagram Ideas - The following objects are placed at the inside of the tool panel and can be reached by way of lifting the panel: - junction container entire with five fuses eight amp every - flasher manage unit - caution light bulbholders - spare fuse 8 amp.

The electric circuit is fed via a flywheel magneto of forty w power, which substances contemporary to the h.T. Coil for engine ignition and with the manage switch at three, feeds the facet parking lighting (6 v 1.5 w), the rear quantity plate bulb (the 6 v - 3w filament of the dual 6 v - three/20w bulb), the speedo bulb and the headlamp bulb.

In addition through a rectifier it charges the battery (6 v two hundred ah), which whilst the transfer is in position 2, feeds the rear range plate bulb and the metropolis light bulb within the headlamp. It additionally feeds independently to the placement of the transfer, the horn, the 'flasher unit and the stop light ( this being the 6 v - 20 w filament of the dual 6 v - 3/20 w bulb).

defective rectifier - in this example update. - Loss of magnetism in flywheel (on the 1st collection this will cause a bad headlamp mild) - remagnetize or update flywheel rotor. - If there may be no charging contemporary, test the 8 amp. Fuse in the rectifier for 1st collection or the regulator field for the 2nd series, if burnt out, update. If the new fuse blows straight away, then there is a brief circuit which need to be found and corrected.

To make the combination, add the sulphuric acid slowly to a basin of distilled water, blending constantly. Never pour water into the acid, otherwise it'll purpose a sprig of sturdy caustic drops. To reach the appropriate dilution, providing the acid has a density of 1.83 gr/cc. Use 1 component acid to 2.8 components of distilled water. As warmth is generated with the aid of the integration, leave to cool, test density, correcting with small addi­tions of water or acid.

Need to the system be laid up for a full-size time, it is recommended to eliminate the battery, save in a dry area at normal temperature and arrange for a month-to-month re­price to keep performance.