jeep cherokee fog light switch wiring 1996 Cherokee classic. 100k Miles, I6, AW4, Np242, D30/C8.25 3.5

Jeep Cherokee, Light Switch Wiring Simple 1996 Cherokee Classic. 100K Miles, I6, AW4, Np242, D30/C8.25 3.5" RE Lift. Common Links: Budget MODS List, All, Ever Wanted To Know About An XJ Solutions

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XJ, Fog Light Wiring - Now you're equipped to run your wires in line with the wiring diagram. Preserve wires near an existing cord loom and be careful of loops and sagging wires, which may additionally snag on a moving thing of the car. Do not upload the crimped ends to any of the wires till all the wires are in vicinity. Reduce and leave about 6 inches of extra wire at every terminal point. I agree ā€“ assuming the switch turns on the relationship among 30 and 87on the relay, i'd have notion 30 on the relay have to be linked to the fuse-block and the low current supply to the switch from the low-beam cord. Not that iā€™m an professional or anything however connecting the alternative manner round as defined inside the write-up might be essentially the same as crimping each fog lighting fixtures to one low-beam headlight which could bring about blowing the headlight fuse(?).

Hi there, i need to cord (5) led spot lighting to one transfer, each mild has puts out 35 watts and my jeep puts out 12.25 volts. Can i do that using one switch? How many fuses do i need and what size? Can all 5 use the same relay? Do u have a diagram for this utility? What size guage do i need? Can i connect all 5 crimson wires collectively then run one single purple cord to the engine compartment? (Identical for the black wires?). The fog lighting every have wires, one for floor and one for the 12v electricity. The sort of wires from each fog mild has already been linked to floor. A three-manner connection need to be made becoming a member of the second one twine from every of the fog lighting fixtures to the crimson twine going to the relay terminal ā€œ87.??.

The fog lighting are located first, the switch second, and the relay final. Because the transfer can be at the dash and the fog lights at the the front of the automobile, the simplest location decision to be made concerns the relay. I need the relay in a covered place near the front of the automobile. It needs to be close to a 12v power supply. I've chosen a position on the internal fender arch faraway from heat, however included from avenue spray.