installing recessed lighting with dimmer How To Install Lithonia Recessed Lights with Lutron Digital Dimmers 8 Professional Installing Recessed Lighting With Dimmer Galleries

8 Professional Installing Recessed Lighting With Dimmer Galleries

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How To Install Lithonia Recessed Lights With Lutron Digital Dimmers - Follow the "rule of eight's" -- go away at least eight" of twine extending out beyond each junction box, use wire staples to connect the cable to the timber framing inside 8" from the field, and fasten the cable within eight" from wherein it extends into the wall.

For this installation, we're the usage of 12-2 nm electric cable. The 12 refers to the gauge, or thickness, of the character wires, or conductors. The two shows there are insulated conductors (a bare or inexperienced-jacketed ground wire is likewise included). The nm stands for non-metallic, or plastic-jacketed, cable.

Eleven. Attach electrical connections. Dimmers normally have twine leads or two terminal screws marked "line" and "load." The "line" is the recent cord and the "load" is the cord going to the light. If it is now not marked, hook either wire to both lead. Split the hot wire (black) from residence to feed each "line" inputs on the dimmers. The black wire from each set of lights goes to the "load" aspect of the dimmer. The usage of twine nuts, attach all of the white wires to every different, after which all of the inexperienced or bare floor wires to every other. Cautiously fold all of the wiring back into the container and screw the dimmers into the field.

Pull the cable through the drilled holes, working from one give up of the circuit to the alternative. When wiring a series of lighting fixtures, run a unmarried length of cable from one fixture place to the subsequent, however leave masses of excess cord to paintings with at each fixture.

Attach the transfer box to a wall stud. The standard peak is forty two" from the ground to the lowest of the box. If multiple switches are used, gang the boxes together. Comply with electrical code pointers as to the field vicinity required for the range of switches set up.

6. Typically, the black cord is hot, the white twine is the neutral and the bare or green twine is the floor. Connect all electrical connections at furniture. Black twine goes to black wire, white to white and the ground wire from the residence gets wrapped across the green screw within the lamp housing. Tighten the inexperienced (grounding) screw till tight. Make certain to update any covers you do away with to make connections.