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10 Professional Install Ceiling Light No Attic Photos

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10 Professional Install Ceiling Light No Attic Photos - In case you're operating in a home built of strong wooden framing, you should be able to run the new cable fairly effortlessly. Because you didn't mention wherein the switch is, or which manner the joist run, i'll cover a few eventualities. Depending at the circumstance of the floor above your ceiling, it is probably easier and less expensive to access the ceiling void thru the floor. For instance, if the floor upstairs goes to be renovated too, or if the ground cover is a carpet, which can be lifted and placed again effortlessly, or even better - if it is just the unique floorboards, you can easily carry one or floorboards. They run at a right attitude to the joists, so you may have get admission to to all the joists you want to drill thru. In all of the houses i have finished this, the ceilings were plasterboard, so going via the floor changed into the apparent option.

To get through the joists, you could take benefit of the hollow you have cut for the ceiling box. Once more use the alignment device to place the flexible drill bit, and begin drilling in a directly(ish) line toward the wall with the switch box. Add extensions as you cross, to extend your attain. Ceiling fans frequently come with light kits, and it's not unusual for parents to want to control the fan and light(s) independently. In preference to putting in #/2 with ground cable, you would possibly want to install #/3 with ground. This may permit you to set up one transfer for the fan, and one for the mild kit.

Now which you have a clear route from the transfer container to the ceiling fixture, you will have to tug the cable thru the wall/ceiling. Depending on how matters line up, you may ought to reduce some hand holes in the completed wall/ceiling that will help you maneuver the cable. A fish tape may come in handy. The easiest choice would be to run a brand new cable directly from the switch, as much as the ceiling fixture. You may need to either set up a bigger box and a new switch, or a double transfer, so the light can be managed independently.