install ceiling light in old house Now, electrical, in, ceiling, exposed,, I could install, new fixture 14 Top Install Ceiling Light In, House Photos

14 Top Install Ceiling Light In, House Photos

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Install Ceiling Light In, House - I'm sure my landlord could no longer be cool with having the ceiling torn apart extra to update this old junction container, so i wanted to look if each person thinks there's an adapter or way to retrofit and adapt this box to mount a ceiling fan. It seems to me just like the modern box might come out pretty easily. I would probable get a brand new box of comparable dimensions this is intended to hold a fan and mount it to the steel bar basically the same way that the modern field does. A few are designed to accommodate surface mounting.

Approach 2: capped off one by one the smaller gauge black and white in the ceiling, and put the ceiling grey to fan black, and white to fan white. Unfortunately, this led to no interest on the fan after restoring strength and trying the switch. I hire an vintage 1920's built house in which an old hanging mild fixture junction box turned into covered with a blank panel. I want to hold a ceiling fan in this living room, however when uncovered i see this vintage junction box that is clearly within the plaster and could be a massive hassle to replace.

Otherwise, it is just a be counted of finding the proper hardware configuration to mount the fan base bracket to what you have got available--seemingly the steel bar. You will be capable of find longer variations of the screws which are there now. Inside the wall switch container, there are two switches, the left switch i believed turned into for the fan but never used because it did not seem to do some thing. My wife claims it'd work the light, but i had the fan dismantled earlier than figuring out i may additionally want to know that. (Oops).

Open the plaster a piece extra to show the screws within the corner that preserve the ring to the rectangular container beneath. Due to the fact the square field itself seems to be sufficiently anchored, you may be able to installation a heavy obligation fan rated 4-s/five-s to four-o plaster ring onto it and away you go. Or, preferably, pull the field and set up a fan-rated field.