how to wire electric baseboard heater How to install a Cadet electric baseboard heater, Cadet Heat, YouTube 10 Cleaver How To Wire Electric Baseboard Heater Pictures

10 Cleaver How To Wire Electric Baseboard Heater Pictures

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Cleaver How To Wire Electric Baseboard Heater Pictures - From time to time we get calls from folks who want to understand if they can wire a couple of heaters to one thermostat. The solution to that question is sure, you can twine a couple of warmers to 1 thermostat — in case you’re the use of 240-volt heaters and a 240-volt breaker. However that doesn’t imply we usually advise it.

I recognize that’s loads to soak up. In case you’re in any respect pressured, depart a comment and we are able to get back to you or get in contact with our tech guide department. They’d be greater than glad to stroll you via the procedure over the cellphone or via an 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d.

I have one 20 amp double pole circuit that i'm planning to run three baseboard heaters on with 2 line voltage thermostats. I have already made positive the watt intake for the 3 heaters will no longer exceed three,840 watts. I've run 12/2 wiring from the breaker to the first thermostat place with the intention to control 2 baseboard heaters and from there to the alternative thermostat a good way to control the third heater. I have uploaded a short diagram for visual reference. I trust i know how to properly wire this up however simply need a sanity test before committing. I consider i can simply pig tail at thermostat 1 to pass power via to the second thermostat vicinity (bedroom) and for the thermostat that controls two baseboard warmers, it looks like the wiring is simple. Any help is favored!.

It doesn’t work with one thermostat in a bedroom controlling a heater in that room plus every other one in a distinct room. The temperature in both rooms might be determined through the temperate of the bedroom with the thermostat. That simply defeats one of the advantages of electrical warmness: heating rooms independently to maximize character comfort and minimize the electric invoice.

Pigtailing the wires to room 2 with the road-side of thermostat 1 gets you what you're after right here. However, with the thermostat and the three 12/2s in there, that's an excessive amount of stuff for lots single gang packing containers (20.25 in3 of field fill vs the biggest general tool box in the code being 18in3), so that you'll want to apply a larger container including a 4" rectangular with a unmarried gang cover/mudring there as a substitute. You will also need to wrap every of the white wires on this with black tape to make it clean that they're hots, no longer neutrals.