how to wire a dome light in a car Help! REAR Dome light removal, Fuse location, Forums How To Wire A Dome Light In A Car New Help! REAR Dome Light Removal, Fuse Location, MBWorld.Org Forums Images

How To Wire A Dome Light In A Car New Help! REAR Dome Light Removal, Fuse Location, MBWorld.Org Forums Images

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14 Popular How To Wire A Dome Light In A Car Galleries - Here are some photographs of the switch and wires on my 24 ,just like dans drawing ,you can additionally see the window nearer. The closing photograph is of one of the aluminum doors with the attachments which make it heavy.

The print information in the 'ford income information ebook', posted with the aid of sales equip co., Detroit, april 1926: shows a percent and element of the dome mild handiest in the fordor sedan. Maybe later than april '26 ford can also have brought this selection?.

My 24 fordor has a notch reduce into thr rear put up on the drivers facet and a ground cord going to the body brace,the "hot" lead went up and ran alongside the pinnacle rail and down the proper the front door publish ,in the back of the dash and related to the "bat" terminal on the transfer,the on/off transfer is a small push/pull switch set up inside the rear door publish, i've the original but had to change the manner it's far stressed out.I acn take a photo if all and sundry is interested as i'm inside the technique of installing upholstery.(Shoot me, please). Rick.

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