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How To Wire A Ceiling, Light Combo - Wide variety 2, you're taking with no consideration being able to find fan velocity controls and dimmers which can "play well" in a four-way configuration. Even if you best do dimming/speed manage at one position, that isn't a easy requirement. If any picks exist at all, they will now not give you lots freedom of preference in terms of size (what number of gang you grow to be needing) or wiring topology (switches enroute to enthusiasts, on a spur, or enthusiasts inside the center).

On the switch #2 positions, you need 4-manner switches, so correct success locating two 4-ways on a unmarried yoke. This would take eight wires to the switch, so it might be balky, and that is why we were given big containers. Whichever wire you chose as neutral, nut the ones collectively. Likewise the white wire you chose for always-warm.

Marking wires: get a five-p.C. Of coloured tape. Don't use black for this, but you could use white or inexperienced. For your four 14/three cables in any run, make one cable blue, one yellow, one green, one white. Anything shades are in the p.C.. In any one 14/3, mark each black and crimson wire the identical tape coloration. Do no longer mark the whites.

And then you definitely cord it from there, relying on what the smart switches require. You need to pick smart switches able to paintings with this wiring, which should not be too difficult. You may want a valuable controller and can want to write down a few strains of sofrware code.

Now here's the hard element: i would really like this to be a four-way transfer setup, so i'm able to switch on or off at three distinct doorways. I was going to apply 14/2 cable to run from essential lug to first switch then use 14/three from transfer to switch and 14/three from switch to fan. I actually need a wiring diagram displaying me the way to wire a couple of fan-mild combos to a four-manner transfer setup as described above. I am desperate, as all diagrams i see on line are best for trendy lighting!.