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19 Cleaver Excelvan Thermostat Wiring Diagram Images

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Excelvan Thermostat Wiring Diagram - Forgot the hyperlink to expose ;) so, do i recognize this correctely, the "load" connection will manage 240v going throught them, too? I am no electrician, however i can have one installation the stuff here, however earlier than i order the ones pieces it'd assist if my questioning is correct. ;).

A line represents a cord. Wires are used to connect the additives together. All points alongside the cord are similar and connected. Wires on many places must pass each other, however it doesn’t imply which they join. A black dot is applied to point out the injunction of two strains. Principal lines are represented by means of l1, l2, and so forth. Normally exclusive colorations are used to differentiate the wires. There must be a legend approximately the wiring diagram to see you what each color method.

See my reply underneath. It has a relay, so it connects both a impartial at one pin and line (phase) at the opposite, when caused on. You may try and keep away from any other relay by connecting one terminal to impartial, but not sure in case your tool/load allows that. Not certain approximately the sensor, haven't attempted it. But if the cord is of proper first-rate, you could in all likelihood add to it with out troubles. The sensor is 20k, so i doubt an excellent wire beneath 50 meters can reach values in that range.

Hello, me again (perhaps i should create an account =))... Do i understand you correctly... The strength is going to n and l (they're connected all of the time) to feed the thermostat. And whilst it switches, it's going to join as you wrote, so the strength stream is "prolonged" to l1 and n1?.

Exact trap, i should've remembered a few different thermostat that did this or assumed the "air" icon was associated. It doesn't look like this unit has this mode. It might nevertheless be a reasonably easy conversion: a relay with ac coil input and nc contacts (inclusive of az2280-1b-240af or az2280-1c-240af). Join the output of the thermostat (l1, n1) to the relay enter and the generally-closed contacts (of the relay) in series with the cooling strength deliver. You can then have a spdt transfer that switches the thermostat l1 output between the cooling answer above and the prevailing heating solution. It sounds extra complex than it genuinely is.