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Ethicon 18 Gauge Wire Creative Surgical Suture, Wikipedia Ideas

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Ethicon 18 Gauge Wire - Fifty seven sutures : absorbable / lined vicryl plus suture needle fabric length zero 1 cpx 48mm 27" 70cm vcp568h vcp569h needle cloth length os-four 22mm three-18" 45cm vcp707t vcp708t vcp706t three-18" 45cm vcp749t vcp748t 27" 70cm vcp694h vcp695h needle cloth duration os-6 36mm three-18" 45cm vcp711t vcp710t 3-18" 45cm vcp754t vcp750t 27" 70cm vcp534h vcp535h vcp535h05 vcp533h three needle fabric duration os-eight 40mm 3-18" 45cm vcp717t vcp718t vcp716t vcp719t three-18" 45cm vcp756t vcp757t 27" 70cm vcp698h vcp699h needle cloth length remaining updated - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark page fifty four.

59 sutures : absorbable / coated vicryl plus suture general and short length sutures needle fabric duration wellknown and short duration sutures n/a three-18" 45cm vcp636t vcp635t vcp634t 54" 135cm vcp616h vcp617h 3 vcp615h vcp618h " 45cm vcp646t vcp645t vcp644h 12-18" 45cm vcp110g fifty four" 135cm vcp608h vcp607h directly reducing needles needle cloth duration ks 60mm instantly 27" 70cm vcp663h vcp662h sutupak pre-reduce sutures needle material period sutupak pre-cut sutures n/a 6-18" 45cm vcp106g vcp107g 12-18" 45cm vcp105g vcp104g vcp103g 6-18" 45cm vcp112g 12-18" 45cm vcp111g vcp109g closing up to date - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark web page fifty six.

Sixty one sutures : absorbable / covered vicryl plus suture needle material length ct-2 26mm 8-18" 45cm vcp727d vcp726d vcp726z 27" 70cm vcp334h vcp335h three vcp333h vcp333w vcp332h 27" 70cm vcp270h vcp269h vcp232h needle fabric period ct-three 22mm 27" 70cm vcp329h vcp328h vcp327h needle material duration ctx 48mm 8-18" 45cm vcp724d vcp723d 36" 90cm vcp978h vcp977h vcp979h vcp980h " 45cm vcp764d vcp765d 27" 70cm vcp364h vcp365h vcp363h 36" 90cm vcp370h vcp370h05 vcp371h vcp371h05 vcp369h needle fabric duration mo-four 36mm 8-18" 45cm vcp701d vcp702d vcp700d 27" 70cm vcp436h vcp437h eight-27" 70cm vcpp71d final updated - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark page fifty eight.