copper electrical wire turns black How to Connect Ceiling, Wires (with Pictures), wikiHow Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black Perfect How To Connect Ceiling, Wires (With Pictures), WikiHow Images

Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black Perfect How To Connect Ceiling, Wires (With Pictures), WikiHow Images

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11 Fantastic Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black Pictures - Outlet 1 has 2 four-wire cables coming into the box. The two black wires are every personally connected to the copper facet. The 2 purple wires are connected to the top silver screws and the 2 white wires are related to the lowest silver screws. Floor wire in vicinity. The tab is broken at the silver connector facet. The use of a fluke voltalert both black and purple wires are ringing warm irrespective of transfer position.

The striped green is ground for the fan/mild and should be related to the bare copper floor. The inexperienced from the field ought to additionally be a floor to the field and it's far to be connected to the bare copper ground.

Field 1: join each black wires from the 3 twine cables and a black pigtail with a twine nut or connector. Attach the black pigtail to the decrease brass terminal. Join the two purple wires and a red pigtail with a nut or connector. Attach the opposite stop of the pigtail to the upper brass terminal of the opening. Connect the 2 white wires to the two silver terminals. (Tab intact.).

Outlet 2 has 1 four-wire cable and 1 3-twine cable entering the box. The 2 black wires are connected to the lowest copper screw. 1 red cord is attached to the pinnacle copper screw. The 2 white wires are individually related to the silver screws. Ground wire in location. Rings hot on black wires most effective regardless of transfer role. Tab is eliminated between copper screws.

Ok the wires within the transfer container are all hot or switched hot (plus the naked gnd). The white twine in this box goes to both switches (can see but think so) and so is the always hot. (So don't assume it's miles a impartial; there may be no neutral inside the transfer box.) The black and the pink are switched hots for the fan and mild.

Now connect the white lead of the fan to the two related white wires (those are impartial). Connect the bare copper to the green w/ yellow stripe. At this factor the fan would work but don't attempt it without the blades attached (could harm the fan motor) and do not positioned them on but because you still have extra wires to attach for the out of doors fan and the blades would be in the manner.