chapter 6 electrical wiring residential “Making History: Applications of Digitization, Materialization Projects in Repositories”, Chapter 6, Megan Miller 9 Fantastic Chapter 6 Electrical Wiring Residential Galleries

9 Fantastic Chapter 6 Electrical Wiring Residential Galleries

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Chapter 6 Electrical Wiring Residential - Solutions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Query 1 what unit will the entire power saved in a capacitor be measured in ? Accurate solution: joules query 2 for optimum capacitance the plates of a capacitor need to be accurate solution: as near as feasible query three inductance is measured in what devices ? Correct answer: henries question four if a polarised (electrolytic) capacitor become linked the incorrect way spherical to a supply, what could show up ? Accurate solution: it'd be destroyed recollect polarised caps should no longer be linked to an alternating voltage and have to be corrctly related to a dc supply.

Question five calculate the energy stored in a two hundred micro farad capacitor linked to a 200 volt deliver correct answer: four joules remember e = zero.5cu2 question 6 if three 10 micro farad capacitors are linked in collection, the price on every capacitor will be correct answer: the equal question 7 why are discharge resistors often related to massive capacitors accurate answer: to securely dissipate the fee held accordingly reducing surprise risk question eight what is the system had to calculate the power saved in an inductor? Correct solution: e = 0.5li2 question 9 on an ac mains supply of 230volts, what's the minimum voltage price which capacitors must be rated at? Correct solution: 400 volts .

Question 10 to calculate capacitance, which of the subsequent formulation is true accurate solution: v = q/c query eleven if a modern-day of 12.5a flows for a time of two minutes calculate the quantity of price transferred accurate answer: 1500 coulombs take into account the fee is q and q=ixt question 12 if a rate of 500 micro coulombs is saved in a 25 micro farad capacitor, what is going to the p.D. Across the plates be? Accurate solution: 20 volts query 13 calculate the price if a 2 hundred micro farad capacitor is conected to a 2 hundred volts deliver correct solution: zero.04 coulombs query 14 calculate the equivalent capacitance of three capacitors whilst linked in series. There values are : 5 micro farad, 10 micro farad and 30 micro farad correct answer: three micro farad query 15 the electrical discipline energy of a capacitor is determined by the voltage among the plates divided by the thickness of the dialectric. However what units are electric area power measured in ? Correct solution: volts in keeping with metre keep in mind e = u/d query 16 that is correct formulation for calculating the strength saved in a capacitor correct answer: e = 0.5cu2 query 17 as a standard rule, when a capacitor is completely charged what's going to it block? Accurate answer: a d.C. Modern-day question 18 the capacitor equipped within the starter switch of a fluorescent light fitting is for what cause ? Accurate answer: to suppress radio frequency interference .