changing a light fixture with a dimmer How to Install a Dimmer, LED Strip Lighting 10 Cleaver Changing A Light Fixture With A Dimmer Ideas

10 Cleaver Changing A Light Fixture With A Dimmer Ideas

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10 Cleaver Changing A Light Fixture With A Dimmer Ideas - Name is ***** ***** i may be satisfied to help you together with your electric question. My aim is to exceed your expectancies on just answer! 1) what number of wires within the wall transfer field and the twine colorations? 2) does the wall receptacle live on the same circuit breaker because the mild fixture? 3) any hazard you have an ac voltmeter available that also contains a continuity feature or do you understand which wires originate from the breaker, the mild fixture and the receptacle? Four) is the dimmer transfer a unmarried pole type or a 3-manner transfer? How many wall places can the light fixture be controlled from? 1 or greater places?.

Thanks replies paul. 1) a dimmer switch is best used to manipulate lights and in no way a wall receptacle. You point out the subsequent......."The dimmer switch is , it's also led bulbs". How many wall places can the switch flip the mild fixture on & off? 2) so the wall transfer box incorporates 3 whites, 3 blacks and 3 naked copper grounds? Want confirmation as to the precise wire be counted and cord hues inside the wall transfer field?.

As stated in the connected questions (see the above remarks) switches which are designed to only paintings with incandescent bulbs regularly send a low voltage via the bulb when the switch is within the off function. That is to electricity a few factor inside the switch, like a night mild, a movement sensor, or the receiver for a far off manipulate. With newer electricity saving bulbs like cfl's and led's, this low voltage will reason the light to flicker, even as it would have long past not noted with an incandescent.

I am looking to replace my present -gang mild switch with a lightwaverf two gang dimmer however am now not certain in which to start because the commands are telling me to appearance out for coloured cables that aren't gift inside the existing transfer.

Thanks endurance paul! 1) shown under is the wiring diagram primarily based on the amount of twine units that you have in the wall transfer field and the mild fixture box. 2) the first cable set is the recent circuit feed (hot & impartial from panel) which originates in the mild fixture field. The 2d cable set extends from the light fixture box out to the receptacle container. The 3rd cable set extends from the mild fixture field back to the wall transfer field. Consequently, 3 cable sets residing within the mild fixture container and 1 cable set within the dimmer transfer box. Three) when you consider that romex become used, the white cord inside the dimmer transfer container might be a hot wire feeding into the dimmer transfer and it is going to be spliced to the new circuit black twine on the light fixture box. For the reason that this white is being used as a hot conductor, you will need to re-discover it using black electricians tape on each ends of this white wire. This white will splice to 2 of the black wires inside the fixture box. Do not splice this white wire onto the opposite institution of white wires. Leaving the dimmer switch will be the black wire and this can enlarge to the mild fixture black cord. This black wire is the switched loop wire. The white neutral from the light fixture gets spliced inside the fixture container to the alternative institution of white wires. Accordingly you may have three whites spliced together within the fixture field. Leaving the fixture field will be the cable set going to the receptacle. Four) while terminating the dimmer transfer, the breaker must be within the off function. In any other case the dimmer transfer can without difficulty be fried because of the sensitive electronics interior.