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Brilliant 6 Gauge Fusible Link Wire Pictures - Update with like sized wire... ? do not use the cheep cord in bubble packs from the displays at maximum parts stores.. Truck electrical alternator and starter electrical shops normally have the high-quality pleasant cord... You do have several alternatives.. Snag a few from a gm within the junk backyard.. It does now not have to come from the starter harness... ?just someplace wherein its now not burned.. ? tens of millions of cars to select from... Replace the exhaust flange gaskets... ? or test for free or cracked exhaust manifolds... I have taken to the usage of sections of the orange silicone jacked fiberglass coated flame proof tubing... ? its over one hundred greenbacks for six or 10 foot... ? i picked it up at a surplus aircraft parts shop a long time in the past.. Its nevertheless to be had... You could get orange silicone self vulcanizing tape to wrap the harness regions in which they're exposed... Grainger sells it... I would guess that the fusible hyperlink also blew... As when the other cord burns thru the fusible hyperlink does it job to limit damage.. Final options... ? and now not smooth to get... ?   teflon insulated cord... Or braided fiberglass insulated wire.. ?used commonly in air craft applications.. However also used in some high temp applications.. ?   both are kinda tough to get.. Even though i live in l. A... ?that is greater than a 2 horse town now a days.. You may possibly want one crimson cord... ?  10 gauge... And three red wires 10 gauge.. And some toes of each... So you can update all the segments to the starter... You may need to forestall by a radio shack.. ?pick up several sizes in their european style terminal blocks.. ?using man or woman sections to connect the 14 or sixteen gauge fusible hyperlink to the ten gauge wiring... ?makes it smooth to update the fusible link if you make a short phase of traditional cord for every.. So the fusible link isn't always directly on the ring terminal.. ?then its only a tiny screw motive force to release the fusible link.. ?.

I've a 1984 vette. I used to be using it to work today and i had the rear defroster on, windshield wipers and the heater at the windshield to take away the condensation from the humidity. The following factor i knew i went to show right into a gas station and i heard a pop within the fuse container and the whole thing died besides the auto battery. I attempted to restart it and i've nothing i can not even use the 4 methods or roll up the windows. The most effective thing that works are the headlights and tail lights. I checked the fuses and located the defroster fuse melted and all the other fuses good enough. Any ideas? ?.