358 wire mesh fence Serried Horizontal Wire, Security Mesh Fence Anti, ,High Density Mesh ,Anti Climb 8 Cleaver 358 Wire Mesh Fence Images

8 Cleaver 358 Wire Mesh Fence Images

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Serried Horizontal Wire, Security Mesh Fence Anti, ,High Density Mesh ,Anti Climb - The usage of global widespread tube as cloth (60×60×2.0mm ,seventy five×seventy five×three.0mm,80×eighty×three.0mm,100×one hundred×three.0mm or dia 60×2.Zero,89×3.0mm ) fixings: metal brackets or flat bar, self-destroy bolts adopting stainless or hot dipped galvanized. ? that case can were given strongly resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation. Double coating layer excessive high-quality anti corrupt . The sturdiness will 10 years lengthy. Hot dipped galvanized after fabricated ,the zn can were given 500----60g/m2. Longevity will got extra than 15 years. ?.

-all perfect answers approximately  creation fence everlasting&transient  fence for  for residential and industrial constructing harsh environments, remote and extreme climates construction, occasions, civil, demolition, mining, authorities covered all as/nzs production web page security level required.

Serried horizontal cord fence consists with quadrate post or round publish and high strength welded cord fence; welded cord fence using high excellent metallic wire to welded . Dia three.Zero----four.0mm, mesh length designed as 12.7*76.2mm; welded factor have high tensile energy. And better planeness . Surface have a sturdy erosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet ;connect with the aid of screw flat bar , the installation could be very clean and comfort  serried horizontal twine fence features ● width from 2100----2600 all available . ?? serried horizontal/vertical cord fence ,have proper ability to anti --climb and anti-reduce.? ● wire diameter:from3.0 ------to 4.0mm ● warm dipped galvanized after fabricated     ● hot dipped galvanized after fabricated and then powder sprayed coating. ? ● hot dipped galvanized cord welded after which powder sprayed coating. ?? extra select the barbed twine or razor twine fence make greater protection . Serried horizontal wire fence utility it is regularly utilized in electricity station, commonality creation,jail, airport, army base,u . S . Border and other excessive safety region and location. ?.

358 protection mesh fence made from a kind of sturdy welded mesh panel with small mesh opening. It is extremely tough to penetrate and tough to attack the usage of conventional hand tools. Has the capabilities of anti-mountaineering and anti-cutting. The fence call 358 comes from its panel mesh starting three" × 0.5" × eight gauge - approximate to seventy six.2mm × 12.7mm × 4mm mesh starting.