26 gauge antenna wire Portable End-Fed 40-6 Meters Poly-Stealth Dipole Antenna:, & Navigation 13 Nice 26 Gauge Antenna Wire Ideas

13 Nice 26 Gauge Antenna Wire Ideas

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Amazon.Com: Portable End-Fed 40-6 Meters Poly-Stealth Dipole Antenna:, & Navigation - I’ve had the twine up for multiple months, however life were given within the manner till mid-october. The transformer box is established to a leg of my aluminum tower at 15′ about the floor. From there it angles to a ponderosa pine 65′ away from the tower. The antenna twine is also sixty five′ above ground at that factor. From there the closing wire angles down to the ground. No longer the great setup, but boy am i ever having fun with this antenna!.

I purchased the efhw-8010-hp. The ends are established at about 12 toes. Above the ground. The apex is at 35 toes in type of an inverted vee configuration. The results as compared to my g5rv jr. Are top notch across the bands. Additionally, i now have 80 meter functionality that i didn’t have before. Thank you for a exceptional product!!.

I called my antennas with some questions on their efhw-8010 with regard to my unique installation wishes. I spoke with danny, now not only was he a gentleman and very helpful, he became very knowledgeable and a delight to do commercial enterprise with! He now not most effective replied my questions, he asked me questions and made a few guidelines based totally on my reaction. After forty five minutes or so we decided on an inverted l configuration to mount the efhw-8010, with the feed point above the door of a stroll out basement, then vertically for 20 ft to the roof overhang and terminating in a tree at about 35 feet excessive. He also advised me to request an extra quit insulator in the acquisition notes to preserve the cord faraway from the residence at the pinnacle of the l ( he threw this in at no charge!). The antenna arrived before expected and i was impressed with the quality of production and workmanship. I had the antenna installed in less than two hours(sacrificing numerous hundred feet of 20lb fishing line and numerous sinkers). Attached the floor and coax, hooked it to my meter and rig and started testing. I have to admit i used to be very skeptical of the claims of an “all band antenna, no tuner required”. Nicely the outcomes had been a good deal better than i predicted, 80m 1:1 at 3.500 to 4:1 at 4.000, 40m 1:1 complete smartphone element, 20m 1:1 entire phone element, 17m 1.6:1 cellphone, 15m 1.3:1 at low give up to one:1 at upper quit cellphone, 12m 1.Three:1 telephone and 10m ranged from 2.Five:1 to at least one.7:1(luckily the 1.7:1 became from 28.300 to twenty-eight.500). All i can say is wow! This antenna a long way handed my expectancies! I have constructed countless antennas during the last 4 many years so i used to be feeling a little guilty for “buying” a commercially made wire antenna. Nicely not anymore! This guy is good at what he does! I'm sure i should regulate the length a little and get an excellent swr at the top cease of 80m however why tempt fate and reduce to rubble the bands i exploit the maximum. How convenient to simply key up everywhere from 40m to 12m with out using a tuner, besides for those 80m rag chews the tuner can match it effortlessly. As soon as the trying out became completed i started out tuning through the bands, heard a station running 17m so i gave a call and he responded on the first try giving a 5x9 report from bogotá columbia. Over the following couple of days i made several contacts in spain, eire, italy, slovenia, lithuania, czech republic and norway the usage of between 10 and 50 watts all giving 5x7 and 5x9 reports. I understand that band conditions have been very favorable however doing ab trying out towards a mosley conventional 33 at sixty five ft. The distinction became now not that brilliant. An delivered bonus, i had to walk the mrs. Beneath it and feature her look up earlier than she even knew it was there, very stealthy! Being to old and fats to climb anymore the entire method was conducted from the ground or thru 2nd ground window. In summation, if you are inside the market for an antenna that is easy to place up, has unlimited deployment alternatives, doesn’t offend pesky friends or hoa nazi’s, works similar to marketed and is just plain a laugh to apply you have to don't forget considered one of danny’s antennas. While become the ultimate time you had a commercial enterprise owner spend nearly an hour identifying your needs whether or not their product met them or no longer? I’m already saving my pennies and making plans to purchase any other one for 160m!.