240z starter wiring diagram Help: 71 240z Dash Wiring, no start or lights., Trouble Shooting 17 Brilliant 240Z Starter Wiring Diagram Photos

17 Brilliant 240Z Starter Wiring Diagram Photos

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Help: 71 240Z Dash Wiring, No Start Or Lights., Trouble Shooting - The ones yellow wires appear to be they are for sending gadgets (oil press., Water temp [i think temp is only one wire it's like white/yellow or something] and fuel degree), and the blue wires are for lighting fixtures of 1 sort or some other (headlamps, sprint/gauge lighting) and the veggies are for signs and controls (hvs, turn sign signs, and so on.) As a minimum that became the colour scheme on my 1/1971 z, if i remember correctly.

For the other stuff... I would suggest changing a variety of your wiring. Additionally, i would advocate analyzing the factory carrier guide wiring segment, which includes the sprint wiring, and specially the complete wiring diagram for the auto. After you realize it by way of heart and might pick out what each cord does, handiest then have to you truely begin hacking away at the harness. There is a lot of stuff previous owners have carried out that is not in the fsm, and you'll have a hell of a time figuring it out. Additionally, it sounds such as you in all likelihood have some corroded connectors someplace, if you are most effective getting .2v off the key. I'd begin at the ignition switch, and work my way from there, cleansing all connectors, the usage of some dielectric grease to ensure an excellent touch, and checking them, one at a time... Till you die of old age.

The wiring diagram must give you a better idea of what you've got taking place. There are some diffused differences in an effort to be perplexing in case you do not have the right yr, together with twine colorations. Additionally, the colours after the harness is probably a one of a kind coloration, and no longer listed on the diagram. So, your best reference point is at the harness side of the connections.

I've been analyzing a pair wiring diagrams that are titled "early 240z" its got me what i notion become a decent expertise. (I am starting to see i'm a chunk some distance from having that information definitely).

I'm uncertain if that is oem or no longer, but these yellow, yellow/purple, crimson/blue, and green, wires appear to run collectively, is that this accurate? I believe the yellow wires have some thing to do with the gauges?.