2010 prius electrical wiring diagram electrical wiring diagram 2005 toyota prius u2022 wiring 2010-toyota-prius- electrical 9 Professional 2010 Prius Electrical Wiring Diagram Images

9 Professional 2010 Prius Electrical Wiring Diagram Images

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Electrical Wiring Diagram 2005 Toyota Prius U2022 Wiring 2010-Toyota-Prius- Electrical - * eg022-04 -- 2001-2003 prius. The mil may additionally come on and set a dtc p3130, and maybe additionally a dtc p3125, which can be codes for a energy problem or the ready light no longer approaching. The fault may additionally occur after the vehicle has been subjected to extended using in heavy prevent-and-go visitors, or when it's been driven at sustained high speeds for the duration of hot weather. The hassle can be an overheated inverter/converter due to loss of coolant or coolant now not circulating nicely within the inverter/converter cooling gadget.

Like most late model motors, in case you update the european the computer has to go through an immobilizer key code registration procedure. On the prius, you join a 12 volt battery charger to the 12 volt battery, set the parking brake, vicinity the transmission in park, insert the ignition key and flip the ignition on. Then you definately depart it on for at the least half-hour. The pc will understand the key, sync itself with the key and reset the immobilizer code. After 30 minutes, you may flip the important thing off and you are done. The ready mild should now come on while the secret's inserted and became on whilst preserving your foot at the brake pedal.

Like we stated, these items receives instead complicated so you need to study the complete service bulletin, be acquainted with the various hybrid additives, and feature a experiment device which can study the right pids and freeze frame records.

Diagnostics on a toyota prius is similar to that on some other past due model automobile. If a trouble occurs with something that isn't part of the hybrid gadget, it's going to set diagnostic code that corresponds to the fault and activate the test engine light. However if a fault includes any of the components inside the hybrid system (things like the auto might not begin, it stalls or does not run proper, battery issues, and many others.), Diagnostics will likely require a toyota experiment device (or aftermarket scan device with similar software program competencies together with the mastertech), and get admission to to the toyota provider records.